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I am committed to anti-racist, queer-affirming, and all-inclusive practices. Clients of any race, identity, sexuality, gender, and neurodivergent or physical attributes are welcome and respected.

Transparent  pricing means...

  • No more surprises at checkout

  • Straightforward pricing

  • All-inclusive sessions based on your hair goals. 

All color packages include an integrity treatment to maintain/restore hair health and a haircut/trim.​.


My commitment to price transparency means you'll always know what to expect before we begin.

New Guest Sessions

The Transformation: $430+ 

Ready for a complete hair overhaul? Feeling stuck in a hair rut and craving something dramatically different? The Transformation session is your ticket to a brand-new look that delivers the biggest possible change in one session.

This session is perfect for you if:

  • Your current style feels outdated and you want to feel more confident with your hair.

  • You’re frustrated with the lack of noticeable change after salon visits.

  • You’ve had a series of bad hair experiences and are ready for a transformation that finally delivers.

  • You want a dramatic change but don’t know where to start.

  • You’ve struggled to achieve natural-looking highlights elsewhere.

Make your hair dreams a reality and embrace a dramatic new you by booking your Transformation session today!

Session Includes:

  • Personalized Consultation: Discuss your hair goals and create a custom plan.

  • Full-Color Transformation: Major color changes or extensive highlighting.

  • Luxury Hair Repairing Treatment: Strengthen and protect your hair.

  • Glossing Treatment: Enhance shine and color depth.

  • Haircut: Precise cut to complement your new style.

  • Luxe Shampoo Experience: Relax with a hot towel head wrap.

  • Signature Blow Dry & Style: Gorgeous, head-turning finish.

The Desert Babe: $325+ 

Ready to make a bold statement with your hair? The Desert Babe session delivers an all-over dimensional and blended color that leaves you feeling confident, empowered, and like a total baddie. Perfect for anyone wanting a striking look without the hassle of frequent touch-ups.

This session is perfect for you if:

  • You want a stunning, head-turning look that doesn’t require frequent salon visits.

  • Your current color feels one-dimensional and lacks depth.

  • You want to feel confident and empowered with a fresh, new look.

  • You’ve had disappointing results from previous hilites and need a reliable transformation.

  • You want a bold, dimensional color that lasts.

  • You need a hair color that seamlessly blends and grows out beautifully.

  • You’re looking for a professional touch to achieve a flawless, polished finish.

Embrace your inner Desert Babe and try something new by booking your session today!

Session Includes:

  • All-Over Signature Low Maintenance Highlights: Achieve a cohesive, dimensional look.

  • Luxury Hair Repairing Treatment: Restore strength and vitality to your hair.

  • Glossing Treatment: Boost shine and add depth to your color.

  • Haircut: A precise cut tailored to enhance your new style.

  • Luxe Shampoo Experience: Enjoy a relaxing hot towel head wrap for the ultimate pampering.

  • Signature Blow Dry & Style: Finish with a gorgeous, polished look that lasts.

The Sunkissed: $275

Looking for a natural, sun-kissed look without dramatically altering your hair color? The Sunkissed session is perfect for adding highlights around your face, neckline, and part line to create a seamless blend with your natural color. The result is subtle pops of brightness that give your hair a fresh and youthful glow with minimal upkeep required.

This session is perfect for you if:

  • You want to add a touch of brightness to your hair without a major change.

  • You’re looking for a low-maintenance way to enhance your natural hair color.

  • You want highlights that look natural and sun-kissed.

  • You prefer a hair color that blends seamlessly and grows out beautifully.

  • You want to avoid the hassle of frequent salon visits for touch-ups.

  • You’re ready to try a new look that’s both trendy and easy to maintain.

Embrace your natural beauty and achieve a radiant glow by booking your Sunkissed session today!

Recommended Frequency: 2-4 times a year for optimal results.

Session Includes:

  • Signature Low-Maintenance Highlights: Customized placement to achieve that sun-kissed glow.

  • Luxury Hair Repairing Treatment: Strengthen and protect your hair.

  • Glossing Treatment: Enhance shine and color vibrancy.

  • Haircut: A precise trim to keep your style fresh.

  • Luxe Shampoo Experience: Enjoy a relaxing hot towel head wrap.

  • Signature Blow Dry & Style: Finish with a sleek, polished look that lasts.

The Complete Reset: $135

Is your hair feeling weighed down by environmental and hard water buildup? Our Complete Reset session is designed to breathe new life into your hair, stripping away impurities and restoring health and vibrancy. It's the perfect solution for hair that needs a fresh start.


This session is perfect for you if:

  • Your hair feels heavy and lifeless due to buildup.

  • You’ve noticed your hair lacking its usual shine and bounce.

  • You want to prepare your hair for a major color change or treatment.

  • You’re looking to restore your hair’s natural softness and manageability.

  • Your hair feels brittle and breaks easily.

  • Your hair has become dull and lacks vibrancy.

  • You want to maintain a healthy scalp and prevent future buildup.

Refresh and rejuvenate your hair by booking your Complete Reset session today!

Recommended Frequency: 2-4 times a year to maintain your hair’s natural radiance and health.


Session Includes:

  • Hair and Scalp Analysis: Assess your hair’s condition and pinpoint its needs.

  • Deep Cleaning Detox: Eliminate buildup and impurities for a fresh start.

  • Luxe Shampoo Experience: Indulge in a hot towel head wrap for ultimate relaxation.

  • Haircut: Tailored cut to refresh your style.

  • Extreme Hair Repair Mask: Intensive treatment to strengthen and rejuvenate.

  • Mentholated Scalp Mask: Soothe and invigorate your scalp.

  • Customized Conditioning Mask: Deeply hydrate and restore your hair’s natural shine.

  • Signature Blow Dry & Style: Leave with a polished, beautiful finish.


Existing Guest Sessions

Custom Partial Hilite $275+

Maintain your highlights without committing to a full session with this session to refresh and maintain your existing hilites. A great compliment to touch up your "Sunkissed" or "Desert Babe" session.

Foils are strategically placed to break up your grown-out root on the surface of the hair. This session is designed to maintain your current highlights, leaving them looking refreshed.

Custom Full Head Hilites $325+

Ready for a full head refresh?

Is it time to break up with grown-out roots and say hello to a brighter, bolder you? This session is the perfect choice if you want to bring up the brightness at the root but you're not looking to brighten up your existing hilites.

Custom Transformation $430+

Ready to turn up the brightness and take your look to the next level? My Glow Up Session is the perfect choice for those who want to refresh their grown-out roots and achieve lighter and brighter ends.

Tone & Heal $138+

Are you tired of low-maintenance hilights that look dull and brassy?

The Tone & Heal Session is the perfect choice for those who want to refresh their hair's overall tone and restore their low-maintenance hilights to their former glory.

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