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Are you looking for...

An approachable Luxe experience?

Then welcome to your new salon home!

A next-level experience with a laid-back vibe. 

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So, you want to update your look but maybe...

  • You're dreaming of a chic, effortless look but stress over the thought of high-maintenance upkeep.

  • Your past experiences left your hair dry and damaged, and now you’re worried that trying again will lead to more breakage and frustration.

  • You’ve felt like just another client in busy salons, where no one took the time to understand you or your goals, and you're so over that kind of salon experience.

  • You crave a private, personalized experience where you feel truly seen and heard.

  • You want to feel confident and stylish with hair that’s easy to manage and maintain.

Now imagine finally having the solutions to all your problems and truly loving your hair!

By committing to a hairstylist who has built their business and techniques around healthy, low-maintenance hilites, you'll be in the hands of someone who understands your struggles and knows how to address all the things holding you back from the...

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

Next Steps

Make sure to review my service menu to get a good expectation of what your investment may look like, and what is included in your session.

You'll start with your free digital consultation form. So I can ensure I'm the right stylist to help you achieve your hair goals.

Once your appointment request is accepted you will receive a notification with your appointment details.

Upon submission of your digital consultation form,

you will be redirected to my booking page so you can secure your appointment instantly.



 Not sure what session to book?

You can request guidance on the form and I will send you an email with details on the right session to help you achieve your goals. 

If you have any questions about booking your first appointment with me, please see my FAQ.

The Pre-Visit Experience

From booking to the day of your appointment, I'm committed to providing an exceptional experience.


As a new client, you'll receive a personalized welcome packet and a fun email from me.

But that's not all - the pampering continues with a customization form the day before your appointment. Choose your preferred drink, snack, and music, or opt for a silent appointment for extra relaxation.


Take your self-care up a notch with next-level amenities like a hand massager, eye mask, essential oils, and scalp massages.

For me, the pre-visit experience sets the tone for a truly next-level appointment.

Feeling the vibe yet??

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The Consultation

We'll dive deep into your hair goals and hair care routine so we can create a customized plan that's tailored specifically to you.

During your consultation, I'll be performing a thorough hair and scalp analysis to help me diagnose any underlying hair issues that could be holding you back from you achieving your best hair.

Don't worry, I won't be using any fancy terminology - I'll break it down in a way that makes sense to you.


We'll explore different options and create a plan that works for your lifestyle and your hair needs. 

After Goodbye

My commitment to you doesn't end when you leave. After your appointment, you'll receive an email from me that recaps everything we talked about during your visit. I'll include product recommendations and tips to keep your hair looking its best until your next visit. 

As my valued guest, you'll also have access to my exclusive Guest Only App.


It's like a VIP club, just for you! You can schedule appointments, get in touch with me, and access client-only educational resources to help you maintain your beautiful new look with ease.

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